What happens once I complete a Mission?

Once you submit your mission, it becomes "pending" and lands in our validation queue.
Here are some of the elements that are reviewed during validation: 

  • Data accuracy
  • Honesty
  • Date & time of mission
  • Location
  • Photo clarity

Mission validation typically takes around 48 hours, but can vary depending on the volume of incoming submitted missions.

You can find your Mission History in the profile page of the app. This will show you all of the missions you've completed, when and where you completed them, and how many points the mission was worth. Pending missions will be grey, accepted missions will be green, and refused missions will be red. 

If your mission is approved, you will receive a push notification and your points will be added to your account. If your mission earned you steps towards any Achievements, those will unlock as well.

If your mission is refused, you'll receive an email with the reasons behind our decision as well as tips for what we're looking for, our clients' expectations, and additional resources to help you next time.

If you disagree with our reasons for refusing a mission, you can appeal the decision by replying to the refusal email. We’ll submit your appeal for review and you’ll hear back from us in 7 business days with our final decision. Once a mission has gone through this process, it can’t be appealed again.