How do bonus points work?

Bonus points are given at the end of Missions:

  • if it is your first time at the store, earn a bonus of 25 points.
  • if your most recent Mission was more than 10 miles away from your last Mission as the bee flies (point to point in a straight line ignoring all roads ). The farther Missions are located from each other, the more points you’ll receive! 
  • Here's is an updated list of our current bonus points for travel:
    Travel Distance 11-25 miles, earn a bonus 25 points
    Travel Distance 26-50 miles, earn a bonus  50  
    Travel Distance 51-100 miles, earn a bonus 100 points
    Travel Distance 100+ miles, earn a bonus 250 points

Additionally, if our validation team feels that you provided exceptional work—for example, if you take a great photo or write a detailed and thorough explanation about your experience—they may decide to award additional credit.

Don't forget that bonus points are always subject to change and any changes will be posted here in our Support Center!