How do I find Missions?

When you log in and open up the Mobee app, you'll be taken to the map view. You'll be shown your location as a blue dot and orange dots indicate stores that currently have Mobee Missions available. Grey pins indicate stores where the Mission is not available but will be in the future.

Clicking on an orange dot will take you to the store page, where you'll see any available Missions at that location. Clicking on an active Mission will display its requirements; if you're at the store, you'll be able to accept the Mission and begin answering questions!

Clicking on a grey dot will take you to the store page, where you'll see Missions that will be available in the future. Underneath the Mission name you'll see the date that it will be available for you to complete!

Mission availability depends on the amount of data we need and how many Missions have been completed at the location so far. Once a Mission is completed by enough users, it will become inactive until the next coverage period begins. Mission locations are determined by the clients we’re currently working with. Because all client campaigns are different, sometimes only a select number of stores within a chain may have Mobee Missions available.

Since 2013, we’ve expanded to tons of new cities across the country. If we don’t happen to have Missions in your area right now, we probably will in the future. The Mobee map is constantly being updated with new Missions. There’s a good chance we’ll send you a push notification or email when they arrive!