Sign In With Apple: Mobee App Update

The Why:   

Apple recently updated their app submission guidelines. Now, all apps that offer another third-party sign-on system, such as Facebook, are required to also offer “Sign in with Apple.” 

The What: 

  • What is the benefit for Bees?  
    • Bees get the same fast sign-up and login as with other services. In addition, Sign in with Apple lets you protect your privacy by masking your email address.  
    • Instead of a traditional login, you sign in via Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode.  
    • This process is designed to let you create accounts using your Apple ID so you don't have to give away your personal information. 
  • Who has access to this feature? 
    • In order to take advantage of Sign in with Apple, Bees will need to download the latest version of iOS 13. Open the app and you will see the Sign in with Apple button. If you are on an earlier iOS version, you will not see the Sign in with Apple button.  
    • Another prerequisite is you need to have an Apple ID with two-factor authentication enabled on your device. This is the default for people who set up a new iPhone or iPad. 
  • How does Sign in with Apple work? 
    • Sign in with Apple automatically fills in the information from your Apple ID. You can edit your name or choose either Share My Email or Hide My Email. 
    • Once you Tap Continue you are authenticated with Face ID, Touch ID, or your device passcode. 
  • Will I continue to get emails from Mobee if I decide to mask my email address? 
    • Yes. If Bees decide not to share their real email, Apple will generate a random but real and verified email address and then route Mobee emails to your true email address. This serves as a private email relay service that forwards emails to your personal inbox. You can stop email forwarding from the Settings section if you choose or opt-out of all Mobee communications at the bottom of any email.  
  • Can I stop using Sign in with Apple? 
    • Yes, navigate to Apps Using Your Apple and tap on Stop Using Apple ID.  
  • What happens if I already have an account with Mobee and want to use Sign in with Apple? 
    • If a Bee tries to Sign in with Apple using the same email as an existing account then they will see an error stating “Account with email address already exists. Please try to login with Facebook or Email." 
    • Mobee does not currently support the merging of accounts.  
  • What information does Mobee receive when I choose to Sign in with Apple?  
    • Mobee only receives your name and email address if you decide to share it.