What is Mobee?

Mobee is a free mobile app for iPhone and Android that rewards you for shopping at popular stores.

As a Mobee “Bee,” you’ll go on undercover “Missions” to nearby retail locations and restaurants, where you’ll take photos and answer questions about the quality and state of product stock, service quality, store cleanliness, and other information about the location. Mobee missions are similar to a mystery shopper's experience. The staff should not know that you're evaluating the store!

When we approve your Mission, we’ll reward you with Mobee points, which you can redeem for gift cards!

Thousands of Bees are completing Missions every day around the country. The data they provide goes straight to our clients—brands and retailers—and directly improves the quality of their products and services.

Your unique in-store experience is vital to these companies and offers a perspective they won’t get anywhere else. With your help, Mobee is revolutionizing the way brands and retailers manage execution.

Join the swarm!

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