How To Use Mobee

1. Download Mobee.

Go to the App Store on your iPhone or the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone and install Mobee.

2. Find stores.

Search for Mobee missions in your area by locating the orange dots on the map or scrolling through the list view. If there are no missions close to you right now, check back again soon! We're always adding more missions to the map.

3. Complete Missions.

Pick a mission from the map or list, review its requirements, and accept it when you arrive. You can complete as many missions as you want each day. Completed missions go through a validation process; each mission is reviewed to confirm that the work completed was honest and accurate. After our review, your mission will either be approved or refused.

4. Earn points.

Every mission is worth a certain amount of points which will be added to your account when your mission is approved. You can even earn points for visiting new stores or traveling especially far to a mission!

5. Redeem rewards!

Turn your points into gift cards in our Rewards Center and use them however and whenever you want!

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