What should I say or do if a store associate approaches me during a mission?

While you are completing missions at a location, we ask that you be as discreet as possible. Mobee missions are similar to a mystery shopper's experience. The staff should not know that you're evaluating the store.

If you are asked to stop by management though (and we do realize that getting a perfect picture may result in someone noticing you), we ask that you please be respectful of the store's rules and comply with what they tell you to do—even if it means putting the mission on hold or abandoning the mission during this visit.

If you're pressed to explain to a store associate or management what you're doing, please do not claim that you're working for a particular brand or retailer; a brand or product highlighted in a mission may not reflect our actual client, and in addition, your missions aren't for the client—they're for us!

If you encounter trouble with an employee or feel uncomfortable at a location, please don't complete the mission! Make sure you get yourself in a safe and comfortable situation. Then, please feel free to email us and let us know what happened and what location you were at.