Tips on answering mission questions

Following instructions is key when completing missions! It's one of the first things our validators look at when reviewing the data that comes in. The tips below will provide more insight on what our team looks for during the validation process.

Follow question instructions.
If a question asks for exactly two answer choices, then two must be submitted—no more and no less! If an answer response requires a minimum of 45 characters, then anything less will not be accepted. If a question asks for a specific product or display, please make sure to look for exactly what is presented in the question. If an answer asks for a price number with a decimal point included, please make sure you include the decimal point. We will do our best to help you find what we are looking for in the question details!

Make sure answers make sense.
This one may sound like a no-brainer, but it can be overlooked! Our team reviews all answers to make sure they are realistic. For example, if a timer question asks a user to time how long it takes to wait in line and pay for a purchase it is impossible to do all of that in three seconds, even if there was no line of customers to wait in. 

Provide congruent data.
Many missions will require photos and then ask about products or displays in the photos. Our team reviews answers submitted to make sure they don't contradict themselves and that they are aligned with what is or isn't in the photos taken. We learn about locations from multiple missions submitted and may use that to support validation decisions as well.

Add any additional information.
If a store or circumstance prevents you from answering the question in the best way, we encourage you to tell us about the mission experience or situation in the mission. We will do our best to include a final question that allows you to submit any comments.

Keep these tips in mind as you follow the mission instructions and don't forget to take your time as you look for what the question asks for!