Tips for taking the best receipt photo

Taking the best receipt photos is easy to do, and the following guidelines will help you know what we're looking for. To make sure you're receipt photo has the information we need, Mobee Mission best practice is to include all text that is on the receipt. We suggest placing the receipt on a flat surface and getting all four corners in the shot. 

If the receipt is too long ( and including all four corners would make it difficult for our team to read) focus on including the most important text on the receipt:
  • Breakdown of items purchased (make sure the items or total purchased matches the mission's requirements)
  • Total amount owed and payment
  • Date and time
  • Name of store and address of location
  • Phone number
  • Any unique receipt transaction information
‚ÄčTake some time to make sure  the photo is not blurry by allowing the camera to focus and the lens to adjust before pressing the button. 

If the store does not issue you a receipt automatically, please request one. It's up to you to get a physical receipt in your hands. If you have the option to receive an e-receipt on the store's app or through email, you may choose that option but you still need to request a physical receipt for the mission's photo.

Be cautious of some places that provide a pick-up ticket in additional to a receipt! The receipt we need must have the above list of items on it to be reviewed properly.

Following these receipt photo guidelines will have you snapping the best receipt photos in no time!