Tips for a foolproof submission

Having trouble getting your submitted Missions approved? Take a look at these tips for keeping our validators happy!

The first reminder might seem like a no-brainer: make sure you're actually at the store and it's open. Once you start your Mission, you have 60 minutes to press the "Submit" button at the end. Most Missions shouldn't take you nearly that long to complete; use the extra time to go over your answers and make sure all of your photos upload and your submission goes through successfully. 

You'll also want to make sure that your answers are supported by the information in your photo. If you answer that there is no Brand X soda on the shelf, but your photo shows Brand X, your mission will be refused. We want to be sure that your data is 100% accurate! 

Finally, please make sure that your photos are crisp and clear. We need to be able to see exactly what's in your photo in order to validate your answers!

As you make your way to Mobee mastery, you'll get to know these tips like the back of your hand!