What do I do if I log into Mobee and all of my points and account history are gone?

First things first, we promise that you cannot erase your Mobee account and history on your own! Phew!

Take a moment to think about the way you most recently logged on and the way you originally created your account. If it was different, there is a chance you accidentally created a second account.

For example, if you created an email and password to sign up initially and then logged on with Facebook Connect a few months later, a new account would be created. Same thing happens if you initially created an account with Facebook Connect and then later logged in with an email and password. 

Please log out and then log in using the first sign up method to correct this issue. 

By using Facebook connect you are bypassing automatically connecting with your Facebook email and Facebook password. By using the Email/Password login you are connecting with a brand new set of login credentials that you create on Mobee.